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M.A.R.S., Inc.
Starters - Alternators - Generators

2805 S First Street   •   DeKalb, IL  60115   •   (815)756-9019



M.A.R.S., Inc. Starters and Alternators is an electrical rebuilder
that has been specializing in rebuilding all types of automotive
electrical units for the past 25 years.  We rebuild Starters, Alternators,
Generators, Pump Motors, and Snow Plow Motors.  We also rebuild
Industrial, Heavy Duty Truck Units along with 6 and 12 volt generators
for your classic cars and Hot-rods.

We can convert low amp alternators to higher amps to accomodate
the your stereo system and entertainment devices in your vehicle.
We offer shipping services nationwide.
1-800-TEC-CITY (In Illinois)            (815)756-9019

           Hours:  Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm   •  Saturday 10am - Noon  •   Sunday Closed       

M.A.R.S., Inc.
Starters - Alternators - Generators
2805 S. First Street
DeKalb, IL  60115

(815) 756-9019
FAX (815) 756-9686
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